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GDS department

Scheduling for all Events:   schedule(at)
Accounting all Events:  accounting(at)
Media (Purchased or free photo/video) support: 

Judging and Staffing:   judges(at) 
Bookings and Logistics:     logistics(at)
Synergy Dance General Inquiries:   synergydanceco(at)
Dynasty Acro & Aerial General Inquiries:     
Paradym Dance Challenge General Inquiries:   paradymdancechallenge(at)
Allegro Ballet Festival General Inquiries:   allegroballetevent(at)
Voltage Street Dance Championships General Inquiries:   voltagestreetbattle(at)
Freedom Dance Cup General Inquiries:   freedomdancecup(at)
VERT-I-Go Dance Experience General Inquiries:
International Dance Teaching Standards:   internationaldanceteachingstandards(at)



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CALL US: 604-391-2007

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